Saturday, 14 November 2009

Walter de la Mare: illustrations by Bold‏

I'm hoping you can help me learn more about the designer "Bold," who illustrated Broomsticks & Other Stories, Stuff and Nonsense, and a Constable edition of The Listeners. Obviously, google doesn't help with this search, and the Library of Congress has him (her?) listed only as Bold.

I featured some of the illustrations from Broomsticks on my book blog:

I did not see any mention of Bold in Theresa Whistler's biography.

Thank you,
Will Schofield
(writing from Philadelphia)

Gerald Bullett & de la Mare

My great uncle was Gerald Bullett who was a rather more general wordsmith than W de la M, doing book reviews, short stories, novels, poems, plays and one film script of one of his books. He also wrote scripts for the BBC and read them on air. He also was a book publisher for a time and a magazine editor.

W de la M and he were frequent correspondents by letter and visited each other f5rom time to time. All this comes from letters that W de la M kept and are now in archives.

From my researches into Gerald I find I have one other review of W de la M work in Fortnightly Review in 1934 by Gerald but I have no more information than that.

I am afraid this is a bit thin but comes from a comment in correspondance.

Any thing you might have found incidentally about Gerald and are able to pass on will be gratefully received

Nicky Bullett

"Late last night while the whole world slept..."

I live in Australia and trying to find a poem believed to be by Walter de la Mare for a lady I just met today in a shop.
She has a brain tumor and cannot remember the full poem but loved it as a child and is keen to find the poem. I would like to be able to brighten her day by finding it for her and just searched on google with no success. I did find Walter de la Mare's website and your email address so here I am hoping you would be able to help me to help her find her childhood poem.

What she does remember goes something like this
"Late last night while the whole world slept, into the land of dreams I crept"

Thank you for any help you can give me

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Do check out the Facebook page of Walter de la Mare set up in June by Malcolm W.K - 171 friends and counting...